This page has been setup to connect Calgary residents to refugees looking for work. Refugees come from all over the world and possess skills that we need all the time.
For any questions contact us @4039036343
Ismail Alorfi

 Skill: Construction
Phone: 403 620.1810
Belal da Belal
Skill: Upholstery
Phone: 403 620.1810

Hamed Ahmed
Skills: Pharmacist, Delivery driver.customer service.cleaner, Painting
Phone: 587-432-6464

Mohamed Aboshalah

Skill:Commercial Heating and Cooling Technician
English Contact: Reanna Teske(403-581-7276)
Ahmad Altabbaa 

Skill:Flooring/Tiling Technician
English Contact: Reanna Teske(403-581-7276)
Abdalfatah Saboni
Skill:Natural Soap Technician

George Kopti
Skill:Florist Designer/Landscaper
587 8996971

Aiman Alhariri

Skill:Electronics Technician(TV, phones, tablets)
403 9036343

Ahmed Senjab

Skill:Electrical/Plumbing Technician
403 7970220

Rita Khanchet
Syrian Cuisine Made With Love
Skill: Syrian Cook

Khaled Abaas
Damascus Delicacy Food

Skill: Syrian cook
403 6078972

Bassima Subaihi

Skill: Syrian cook 
403 7970220

About Us
We are a citizens action driven group of community volunteers with various origins and beliefs, from all walks of life, that are trying to make Calgary the most welcoming place for refugees.

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